Web Site Security Grade

Do you know how secure your web site is? Do you want to know? Your Web site security grade is a good thing to know.

Web Site Security Grading – Now Available!

We can help you go from this:Website security grade - needs improvement


Website security grade


In today’s environment it is not enough to think you are secure…  you need to know! We have the ability to *look at your WordPress website and perform a quick security assessment.

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* Requuires the installation and running of a plugin.

We can then take the opportunity to tune your website for enhanced security.


We can also perform:

  • SEO audit / benchmark
  • Google Analytics benchmark
  • Backup review
  • Social Media site reviews

Each review will give you a detailed report of item reviewed, where you stand, and possible updates / modifications. There is not obligation to have us perform any of the work – you pay for the review and the results. What you do afterwards is up to you.

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