SEO 101

In order to be found...

You need to rank

Will they find you?

SEO - What's your score?

There are 4 key elements for search engine optimization

Technical SEO

The ability for search engines to find, crawl and index your site

Website Content

The one constant for a high ranking website is great content!

On-Site Optimization

Factors include: HTML Code, meta tags, keyword density and keyword placement

Off-Site Optimization

P.A.R.T. - Popularity, Authority, Relevance and Trustworthiness

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SEO that works WITH YOU and FOR YOU!


Working with My Vanity Website and the SMART - SEO process

SEO Review and Baseline

Perform a site review
Validate technical components
Document current status


Determine goals
Set milestones
Project tasks defined


Content added
Tasks completed
Measurements tracked


Data collected
Reports delivered
Status review

Overall Process

We look at SEO as a partnership. We will work with you to get the best ranking for your keywords.

Communication is Key

Each month you will get a detailed report of the items completed and the progress made. We will then setup a meeting to discuss the results, your current standings and the items to be completed towards the next milestone.

No Surprises

Having multiple checkpoints each month will make sure you know what is happening. There should never be any surprises. If you have questions - simply send us an email and we will be sure to get them answered.

Our Toolbox

Throughout the process we will utilize many different services: Google analytics, Google Search Console, SEO Plugins, Rank tracking software, etc. These tools allow us the ability to get a clear picture of where you are in relation to your competitors.

Coaches standing by

Each month we perform a review of our process and clients sites with our coaches. This bring in YEARS of SEO experience for you. Having another set of eyes will always help to validate we are getting you the best results possible.


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